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Especially since September 11, 2001, there has been a high level of attention paid to aviation security in both the commercial and private sectors. However, other forms of transport are also vulnerable to attack, and transport systems are also used to move illicit materials including weapons and drugs around the country and across national borders. Transport protection is a serious national security issue, and also one of moral significance. Human trafficking rings rely on weak border and transport security to secretly move kidnapped persons across national borders and force them into slavery or indentured servitude. Large-scale theft, terrorism, human trafficking, and other major organized crime operations are all enabled by weak transport security. The sites listed here have information on the latest strategies being used to increase security in commercial transport, freight and cargo movement, and any movement of people or stuff across national borders.

General Security

From cameras to GPS-tracked locks to comprehensive info-exchanges, these sites provide a broad picture of the technologies and tactics being used by today’s security elite.

  1. Government Security News

    Government Security News Magazine

    The print and online editions of Government Security News is the place where homeland security officials can go to get news, analysis, interviews, new products and technologies. The information covers all aspects of government security, including airport security, biometrics, border protection, disaster recovery, emergency preparedness, IT security, port security, rail security, and state, local governments.

    Security Selection:TSA not using detection dogs effectively, says GAO report

  2. Global Security Newswire

    Global Security Newswire

    Global Security Newswire is a daily news site that focuses on biological, nuclear and chemical weapons, terrorism and more. Visitors to the site can sign up for a daily email with coverage of the critical international security issues of the day and read interviews and special reports.

    Security Selection:N. Korea Reportedly Cites Rocket as Missile

  3. Mesh Dynamics

    Mesh Dynamics

    MeshDynamics provide wireless security devices for military, homeland security agencies worldwide and mining. Their products provide video surveillance and perimeter security to buildings, mines, tunnels and borders.

    Security Selection:Wireless Video Surveillance over Mesh Networks

  4. Havocscope

    Havocscope Black Market Information

    Havocscope gathers information from arrest reports, criminal court cases, law enforcement officials, industry organizations and news articles, The value of the criminal trade is compiled to determine what they call the Havocscope Black Market Value which they report on their site.

    Security Selection:Havocscope Black Market Value

  5. Gun Powder & Lead

    Gunpowder and Lead

    Gun Powder & Lead has evolved over the years to include topics such as international relations, foreign policy, militaries, and the international arms trade. Anyone with an open mind on these types of issues would find the blogs useful and entertaining.

    Security Selection:Gunfight and Glock: Book Reviews

  6. Ink Spots

    Ink Spots

    Ink Spots is a blog site that discusses security issues around the world. They invite those interested in discussions on daily and broader security issues to visit and voice their opinions.

    Security Selection:Generals

  7. Society for Risk Analysis

    Society for Risk Analysis

    Society for Risk Analysis is an international society with an open discussion forum for individuals or organizations interested in risk assessment, characterization, communication, management, and policy.

    Security Selection:SRA China Regional Organization Report

  8. Transnational Organized Crime

    Transnational Organized Crime

    Transnational Organized Crime follows and reports news on human trafficking, organized crime, counterfeit goods environmental crime and migrant smuggling. Those interested can find facts, materials, videos and useful links all in one place.

    Security Selection:Overview of the Work of UNODC in relation to Organized Criminal Activities

  9. International School for Security and Explosives Education


    The International School for Security and Explosives Education is actually a part of The Centre for Homeland Security in the United Kingdom. Both entities are able to deliver training on explosives and counterterrorism to its worldwide customers.

    Security Selection:Explosive Management Training

  10. Security Director News

    Security Director News

    Security Director News relays important news and information regarding all types of security. Ideally for end users, the site is set up by category including commercial and enterprise, public sector, retail and hospitality and vendors.

    Security Selection:Service: Asking the Right Questions

  11. Fierce Homeland Security

    Fierce Homeland Security

    Fierce Homeland Security tracks and reports the latest news and developments in immigration, cybersecurity, counterterrorism emergency response and preparedness and more. From analysis to news, events, webinars and features, anyone interested in overall security measures would find a wealth of information at this site.

    Security Selection:The 5 costliest U.S. hurricanes of the past 20 years

  12. Transecure


    Transecure provides aviation security consulting services for airports worldwide. The company provides clients with dependable and professional security services and assists them with the rapidly changing environments.

    Security Selection:Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design, and Construction

  13. Global Elite Group

    Global Elite Group

    Global Elite Group globally offers security services, aviation management, consulting and training, emergency management technological service, and event security to its clients. If you are a government, commercial or individual client looking for protection services, this site would be great to review.

    Security Selection:Security Services

  14. The Security Website

    The Security Website

    The Security Website is a one stop shop for security information. Individuals can find information on personal security, travel security, disaster management, global security and more.

    Security Selection:Government Advice

  15. Xray Screener

    X Ray Screener com

    Xray Screener is a website for worldwide staff members involved in making decisions on security X-ray screenings. Information that can be found on the site include X-ray forums, events, and general X-ray articles.

    Security Selection:Screening People

  16. The Stimson Center


    The Stimson Center is devoted to international peace and security through a combination of analysis and in-depth research. They work with policymakers, policy implementers, nongovernmental institutions, and other experts, to come up with actionable and effective solutions.

    Security Selection:Environmental Security

  17. Security Info Watch

    Security Info Watch

    Security Info Watch is just that – the site watches and report security news and information. Many topics are available such as access & identity, threat detection, fire/life safety, perimeter secutiry, IT /networking, guards, and more all in one place.

    Security Selection:AT&T announces home security service roll out

  18. Chemical Facility Security News

    Chemical Facility Security News

    Chemical Facility Security News covers news chemical facility security, transportation of hazardous chemicals, and the federal laws and rules for them. Anyone interested in the legislation or secutiry rules of chemical facility security would find the site interesting.

    Security Selection:S 67 – Secure Water Facilities Act

  19. Defense Strategies Institute

    Defense Strategies Institute

    Defense Strategies Institute shares information on political and military affairs, government relations and military operations to help the Wounded Warriors. The website includes information on the Border Security Summit where US and Canadian decision makers come together for actionable discussions and debate.

    Security Selection:Our Publications

  20. DiagNose


    Headquartered in France, DiagNose is an international company who trains and provides K9 detection dogs. Clients of DiagNose include police, security, aviation, maritime and customs industries.

    Security Selection: DiagNose RASCargO system clears first cargo shipments at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

  21. Tickle the Wire

    Tickle The Wire

    Tickle the Wire features federal law enforcement news from around the United States. Anyone working in the federal law enforcement as well as the media and the general public would find the site useful.

    Security Selection:Column: Ex-Detroit Mayor Saw Friends, Supporters and Aides as Potential ATMs

  22. Sources And Methods

    Sources and Methods

    Sources And Methods is a personal blog about intelligence. An Associate Professor of intelligence studies, the writer covers all different kinds of topics in his blog.

    Security Selection:Sources And Methods Games? Yes!

  23. US Border Security Council

    US Border Security Council

    US Border Security Council is against illegal aliens and allowing immigrants to enter and live in the United States. This site explains the reasoning behind urgent border security and what you can do to help.

    Security Selection:Talking Points

  24. McRoberts Travel Security

    McRoberts Travel Security

    McRoberts Travel Security provides security services for student groups, band groups, senior groups, faith-based organizations, sports teams, and the hospitality industry. Anyone looking to take a trip across the country would be interested to see what McRoberts Travel Security offers.

    Security Selection:Student Groups

  25. Schneier on Security

    Schneier on Security

    Schneier on Security is a blog covering topics on security and security technology. Readers can find information on books, essays, interviews, and more on this blog site.

    Security Selection:Pentagon Staffs Up U.S. Cyber Command

  26. Bulletproof Securities

    Bulletproof Securities

    Bulletproof Securities offers any type of security services for its clients. They can transport valuable materials or provide site security. Anyone interesting in learning more about their services should visit this site.

    Security Selection:Site Security

  27. Safe Passage International, Inc.

    Safe Passage International

    Safe Passage International, Inc. provides training programs and services for many industries, including judicial, aviation, cargo, maritime, and general security. Offering computer based, instructor led and blended training, as well as custom development, any business looking for security management help benefit from this site.

    Security Selection:Custom Development

  28. Security Management

    Security Management com

    Security Management is an online magazine and site where professionals working in the security industry can exchange ideas, find solutions to daily problems, hear about new products, and network with their peers. With news, events, blogs, forums and podcasts, there is something for everyone.

    Security Selection:Morning Security Brief: Cyberwar, Global Health, NYPD Surveillance, and More

  29. Defense Media Network

    Defense media Network

    Defense Media Network covers all defense, homeland security and military content. Members who subscribe can participate in daily blogs, read digital magazines and receive the weekly electronic newsletter.

    Security Selection:The New Age of Military Airships Isn’t Likely to Last Very Long

  30. Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

    Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

    Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is the world’s largest regional security organization offering a forum for political negotiations and decision-making. With blogs posts, event details and resources, anyone working in the field or interested in politics and security would find tons of information here.

    Security Selection:ODIHR Director stresses importance of peaceful process after shooting of presidential candidate in Armenia

  31. MSA Security

    MSA Security

    MSA Security protects the personnel and property of their public and private corporate and government clients. Anyone looking for security or wanting to know more information about their services is encouraged to visit their site.

    Security Selection: MSA Security Develops “Golden 15” Active Shooter Strategy

  32. Shield Risk Consulting

    Shield Risk Consulting

    With offices in over 30 countries, Shield Risk is a risk management and security consultant for non-governmental, security, logistics, retail and manufacturing industries. Their site will exlplain about the firm as well as provide international new, warnings and alerts.

    Security Selection:Travel Care

  33. Control Risks

    Control Risks

    Control Risks is a global risk and security consultant firm that helps their clients manage the risks and opportunities of operating in difficult or hostile environments. The firm focuses on integrity, security and political risks and how to manage them.

    Security Selection:Managing Security Risks

  34. The DEW Line

    The DEW Line

    The DEW Line is the online blog for Flightglobal that provides information for aerospace and aviation professionals. Everything having to do with flights can be found here – from aircrafts to airlines to to space and military aviation.

    Security Selection:Air Lease orders 25 A350s including five -1000s

  35. UN Dispatch

    UN Dispatch

    UN Dispatch provides coverage and interpretation on the United Nations and its issues. The site provides facts about the UN’s work, offers perspective on issues, and fact-checks claims and coverage offered by journalists and bloggers.

    Security Selection:Chuck Hagel and UN Peacekeeping

  36. Adfero

    Adfero Group

    Adfero blog covers issue advocacy, public awareness and education, crisis/brand reputation, strategic consulting and homeland security for companies. Individuals would also get useful information from the site as well.

    Security Selection:Watch Your Websites Carefully

  37. Air Cargo World

    Air Cargo World

    Air Cargo World is the source for air freight logistics. From cargo numbers and volumes to business buyouts, readers can stay informed on the worldwide cargo/freight industry here.

    Security Selection:The Integrators are Coming!

  38. Transport Security, Inc. – ENFORCER

    The Enforcer

    Transport Security, Inc. – ENFORCER is a top notch cargo security company. The company provides security solutions for the transportation, supply chain and retail sectors.

    Security Selection:Six Ways to Prevent Cargo Theft: Part 2

  39. Cargo Security Alliance

    Cargo Security Alliance

    Cargo Security Alliance helps shippers and the air cargo industry meet the obligations for screening of cargo carried on passenger aircraft. Readers of the site can purchase cargo security products and find news, articles, events and more.

    Security Selection:Air Cargo Screening Facility Assessment


    GunPolicy org has everything you need to know about gun policies. Find facts about gun policies across regions, countries and jurisdiction and get news on and research small arms policy, firearm violence prevention, and gun control news.

    Security Selection:Costa Rica to Tighten Gun Control

  41. International Small Arms Control Standards

    International Small Arms Control Standards

    The International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) created this website to provide clear, practical and comprehensive guidance to policymakers and practitioners on the controls over small firearms and weapons. The standards are used by the United Nations and are listed in PDF form on the website.

    Security Selection:ISACS proposed as basis of Andean Community marking standards

  42. Control Arms

    Control Arms

    Control Arms is a website set up to support the campaign for a “bulletproof” Arms Trade Treaty (an international legally-binding agreement that will stop transfers of arms and ammunitions). The site includes information on the treaty, information to support the treaty as well as additional resources, news and blogs about the treaty.

    Security Selection:A Second Chance to Save Lives


    Defense Aerospace com

    The Defense Aerospace website provides real time news on defense and aerospace sectors. Readers can subscribe to a free daily newsletter, read reports, features and news all in one place.

    Security Selection:Why Arrogance is no Substitute for Engineering

  44. Airport Security Monitor

    Airport Security Monitor

    Airport Security Monitor is a watchdog blog for airport security practices that covers news of slip-ups, inefficiencies, and general ways that the Transportation Security Administration could improve its performance and keeping passengers safe and happy.

    Security Selection:Body Scanner: Who Says Looks Don’t Count?

  45.’s Airport Security Blog

    Reason Foundation

    Reason Magazine is a monthly print magazine that covers politics and culture through a mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. Reason promotes a free mind and has information on governmental policies such as healthcare, education, transportation and more.

    Security Selection:New Reason Study Calls for California Tax Reform

  46. Train Law Blog

    Train Law Blog

    Train Law Blog has legal information for railroad employees, rail labor, and victims of railway accidents. If you or someone who know is in need of legal advice, this blog is a great resource.

    Security Selection:How To Name Names In FRSA Complaints

  47. Paragon Security Blog

    Paragon Security

    Paragon Security Blog covers everything you need to know about security. From home and airport security systems, to locksmiths, to intercoms and video surveillance, this site has it all.

    Security Selection:Surveillance Cameras and Law Enforcement

  48. Transportation Security Clearinghouse

    Transportation Security Clearinghouse

    Transportation Security Clearinghouse was created after 9/11 to do background checks on all active aviation employees. Aviation workers can log into the site to maintain their information and others can get information on resources, regulations, procedures about aviation security.

    Security Selection:Fingerprint Guide for Airport Operators and Aircraft Operators

  49. Smiths Detection

    Smiths Detection

    Smiths Detection delivers global threat detection and screening technologies for Military, Transportation, Homeland Security and Resilience applications. They use multiple technologies to provide security to all the officials responsible for protecting their nation.

    Security Selection:CIP-300 Car Inspection Portal

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National & International Security

Security is a global concern and there are many companies and coalitions working across country borders to improve security for their populations.

  1. International Rewards Centre

    International Rewards Centre

    International Rewards Centre is based in New Zealand, but displays worldwide posters for wanted persons, missing persons, abducted persons, information wanted, and miscellaneous rewards. Anyone can post or view the posters and information or fill out an alert about a crime or criminal.

    Security Selection:Rewards for Justice

  2. Robert Kelly — Asian Security Blog

    Robert Kelley, Asian Security Blog

    Robert Kelly — Asian Security Blog is a personal blog which tries to graph international relations theory onto the regions in Asia including East/South/Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia. Anyone interested in international relations having to do with Asia would find this blog interesting.

    Security Selection:The International Relations Discipline and the Rise of Asia

  3. Feral Jundi

    Feral Jundi

    Feral Jundi is loaded with information on international contract work. Whether you are looking for work or are already working in an international contract, the site is chalked full of information.

    Security Selection:Publications: IG Review Of Best Value Contracting For DoS Local Guard Programs

  4. Global Security, Privacy, & Risk Management

    Global SEcurity, Privacy and Risk Management

    Global Security, Privacy & Risk Management discusses numerous risk management and security and topics. The blog has two contributing writers and its purpose is to inform and educate with blogs, news, events and articles.

    Security Selection:Chris Mark’s Article in “The Counter Terrorist Magazine”

  5. Center for International Policy

    Center for International Policy Online

    Center for International Policy provides foreign policy recommendations and analysis to political decision makers based on cooperation, demilitarization and respect for human rights. The site is full of program information, research and news having to do with U.S. foreign policies.

    Security Selection:The Border Patrol’s Strategic Muddle

  6. Foreign Affairs

    Foreign Affairs

    Foreign Affairs is the online version of the printed magazine. The information focuses on discussions of American foreign policy and global affairs, as well as book reviews, videos and academic subscription offers.

    Security Selection:The Filibuster Is Dead

  7. Women In International Security

    Center for Strategic and International Studies

    This site helps women to succeed through training and mentoring, provides support, closes the gap in women’s participation with the help of key institutions, and identifies the barriers to advancement for women. Any women, not just those looking to advance in international security, would find useful information on this site.

    Security Selection:Why is it so Hard to Get More Women in Top Positions?

  8. Secrecy News

    Secrecy News

    Secrecy News reports on government secrecy. A blog by the Federation of American Scientists, the sit reports to the public on intelligence and national security policy.

    Security Selection:Drone Programs Spark Budgetary, Privacy, Legal Concerns

  9. New Security Beat

    New Security Beat

    New Security Beat blog discusses the connections between the environment, health, population, development, conflict, and security. The blogs, videos, publications and events will bring the readers a new sense of understanding of the Environmental Change and Security Program.

    Security Selection:U.S. Federal Climate Assessment: Energy, Water, Land Intertwined and Threatened

  10. Rethinking Security

    Rethinking Security

    Rethinking Security discusses the continuities and challenges between national security and military theory. The blog puts an interesting twist on the past, present and future of the national and military security.

    Security Selection:The Real “Culture of Defeat”

  11. Small Wars Journal

    Small Wars Journal

    Small Wars Journal is a place where those involved in any type of politics or military to have an opportunity to exchange information and discuss their knowledge. Visitors will find all the journals, blog entries, and reference links loaded with information.

    Security Selection:US Military Expands its Drug War in Latin America

  12. Center for a New American Security

    Center for a New American Security

    By engaging policymakers, the Center for a New American Security develops strong national security and defense policies. The site offers research, ideas and analysis about the national security debate in order to prepare the national security leaders of the future.

    Security Selection:Renewing the Project BioShield Act: What Has It Bought and Wrought?

  13. Lawfare


    Lawfare is a blog about the actions taken to protect the nation which interact with the nation’s laws and legal institutions. The blog posts are entertaining and enlightening to any visitor of the site.

    Security Selection:A Conversation, An Idea, and An Experiment

  14. National Security Network

    National Security Network

    National Security Network discusses everything having to do with national security. The site is used to develop, identify, and communicate national security policy solutions.

    Security Selection:Does the G-20 Have Too Much on Its Plate?

  15. Selected Wisdom

    Selected Wisdom

    Selected Wisdom discusses national security, law enforcement, counterterrorism, government policy and occasionally business strategy, financial markets and energy policy. Anyone visiting the site will soak up information via the analysis, data, resources and commentary it provides.

    Security Selection:Are today’s al Qaeda affiliates following Bin Laden’s vision?

  16. Zenpundit


    Zenpundit is a blog which explores foreign policy, history, military theory, national security, strategic thinking and more. The blog is well-thought-out, covering a variety of topics and opinions.

    Security Selection:America the Home of the Brave?

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Customs & Border Security

What can and cannot be brought into any country is heavily regulated, but enforcing those regulations is a massive logistical challenge that is being confronted by corporations and governments of all sizes across the globe.

  1. National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

    National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers NAFPBO

    The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers is run by retired border patrol officers who advocate immigration laws and policies. This site contains immigration laws, policies, enforcement and control for those interested in supporting the immigration laws of the nation.

    Security Selection:How to Reform and Control Immigration

  2. University of Arizona Borders Blog

    national center for border security and immigration

    The University of Arizona Borders Blog focuses on scientific knowledge, technologies, techniques, and policies regarding border security and immigration. Find information on education and outreach, events, news, research and facilities and publications that will help protect our Nation’s borders.

    Security Selection:Meet Elvis: The virtual border official who knows if you’re lying

  3. Minute Man Project

    Minuteman Project

    Minute Man Project is an advocacy group that enforces the immigration laws and brings national awareness to the illegal alien invasion. The website includes recommended reading materials, blog posts and border watch reports.

    Security Selection:Obama Will not Secure the Border

  4. Borders Security Expo

    Border Security Expo

    The Borders Security Expo is an annual conference and expo that is dedicated to international border security. Here you can find information about the expo istelf, exhibitors, attendees, partners, sponsors and more.

    Security Selection:US/Canada Border Conference

  5. European Border Watch Organization

    European Border Watch Organization

    The European Border Watch Organization attempts to recruit citizens into “patrolling” national borders using electronic surveillance techniques to prevent people from secretly crossing the borders at vulnerable locations.

    Security Selection:About Us

  6. Customs & International Trade Law Blog

    Customs and International Trade Law Blog

    Customs & International Trade Law Blog focuses on helping individuals and companies around the world with understanding and complying with U.S. Customs law, FDA law, Homeland Security, import regulations and export compliance.

    Security Selection:CBP Brings Seizure & Forfeiture Notices to the 21st Century

  7. Canadian Border Services Agency

    Canadian Border Services Agency

    Canadian Border Services Agency is a great resource for anyone living in or traveling to and from Canada. With travel tips including what to claim, traveling with children, what to bring in or out of the country, making a declaration and more, the site is full of useful information.

    Security Selection:The CBSA Celebrates International Customs Day

  8. American Border Patrol

    American Border Patrol

    American Border Patrol privately controls three aircrafts which monitor the Mexican border in Southeastern Arizona. They monitor what the government is doing at the border and reports the information on the website for the public to read.

    Security Selection:Operation B.E.E.F

  9. Borderland Beat

    Borderland Beat

    Those interested in information about the drug war on the borderland and the beat that police walk every day, can find it at Borderland Beat. Readers can follow the trouble that the Mexican drug cartels make and the law enforcement who try to stop them.

    Security Selection:Secret Government Study Exposes Infiltration Attempts by Mexican Drug Cartels

  10. Border Fact Check

    Border Fact Check

    Border Fact Check is run by the Washington Office on Latin America. They monitor and report the security situations and impact of policies at the United States – Mexico border on the site.

    Security Selection:Is only 44 percent of the border “secure?”

  11. BlueServo

    Blue Servo

    The BlueServo has a Virtual Community Watch service which feeds a live video stream from the Texas-Mexico border to a user’s computer. Users just have to create a free account, login and then they can monitor any suspicious criminal activity along the border to help fight border crime.

    Security Selection:Virtual Stake Outs – Live Border Cameras

  12. Customs & International Trade Law Blog

    Customs and International Trade Law Blog

    Customs & International Trade Law Blog helps explain the legal issues in customs law, international trade law, food and cosmetics law, product licensing and related intellectual property issues. The site would be beneficial to anyone having any type of legal issue regarding international trade.

    Security Selection:CBP Brings Seizure & Forfeiture Notices to the 21st Century

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Aviation Security

Everyone in the U.S. knows about the Transportation Security Administration, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to passenger and cargo flight security.

  1. Renful Premier Technologies

    Renful premier Technologies

    Based in the United Kingdom, Renful Premier Technologies provides worldwide security consultancy, procedures and training. Renful Premier Technologies’ clients include businesses, governments, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines, security companies, immigration and police authorities and prisons.

    Security Selection: Security Training from Renful Premier Technologies

  2. Security and Safety Instruction

    SSI Safety and Security Instruction

    Security and Safety Instruction’s provides safety and security training information, and consulting services to the aviation industry. The site offers information and training classes and seminars for small, medium and large hub airports.

    Security Selection:GAO Questions Using TSA Dogs to Screen Passengers

  3. Safe Sky

    Safe Sky

    What started as fingerprinting for aviation services, Safe Sky now provides fingerprinting services to multiple industries. Offering global services, anyone who is interested in fingerprinting or need fingerprinting services would benefit from this website.

    Security Selection:Protect Your Kids with the Safe Sky Child Identity Kit

  4. Sabre Airline Solutions

    Sabre Airline Solutions

    Sabre Airline Solutions helps airline businesses grow, market and improve their services to their clients. By helping market, serve, sell and operate the business, any airline – large or small – would benefit from the services that Sabre Airline offers.

    Security Selection:Take The Stress Out Of Travel

  5. Leading Edge Strategies

    Leading Edge Strategies

    Leading Edge Strategies blog covers topics such as aviation and airport security; airport operations and management; and aviation and travel safety. Anyone in the aviation management industry would benefit from this blog about.

    Security Selection:They are sniffing, but is anyone noticing?

  6. Aviation Pros Inside Security

    Aviation Pros

    Aviation Pros Inside Security covers everything to do with aviation security and TSA. Additional links are on the site which includes information about aircraft maintenance, airport business and ground support.

    Security Selection:TSA Pre Check – Is It Working?

  7. Aviation Security International Magazine

    Aviation Security International

    Aviation Security International Magazine is a global report of airport and airline security. Although you need to register to view the online edition of the entire magazine, viewers can find other useful information about international aviation security.

    Security Selection:Risk Reception in Iraq

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Maritime Security

The global shipping industry is enormous and trillions of dollars in goods are transported via boat annually, making it very difficult to keep track of everything coming in and out of a country through ports. Maritime security is less visible to the public, but every bit as important as aviation security.

  1. Maritime Domain Awareness Information Exchange

    Maritime Domain Awareness Info Exchange

    Maritime Domain Awareness Information Exchange details information about the global maritime domain that could impact the security, safety, economy, or environment of the United States. The website invites any members of the Maritime Community of Interest to visit, learn and share information.

    Security Selection:Russian warship forms convoy of civilian ships in GoA

  2. Maritime Security Outlook

    Maritime Security Outlook

    Maritime Security Outlook has loads of information about maritime security. The website welcomes anyone in the industry to share their knowledge, opinions and analyses of the issues facing the maritime industry.

    Security Selection:Examining seaport and coastal threats and vulnerabilities

  3. The Center for International Maritime Security’s NextWar Blog

    CIMSEC Nextwar Blog

    The Center for International Maritime Security NextWar Blog brings together a variety of people from a variety of fields to discuss and examine the threats, hotspots, capabilities and opportunities for maritime security. Although the website is open to the public, paying members can attend events for free, receive publications and become contributors.

    Security Selection:A Tale of Three Fires

  4. Information Dissemination

    Information Dissemination

    Information Dissemination discusses maritime strategy and strategic communications. With its ten bloggers and other news and sources links, the site is full of interesting information.

    Security Selection:Keep Some Boomers

  5. Security Association for the Maritime Industry

    Security Association for the Maritime Industry

    Security Association for the Maritime Industry is a focal point for global maritime security matters. Included in its international membership are maritime security providers, consultants, trainers and maritime security equipment, technology and hardware manufacturers.

    Security Selection:Unifire Ups the Ante with a New Generation of Anti-Pirate Water Cannons

  6. International Maritime Organization

    International maritime Organization

    A specialized agency of the United Nations, the International Maritime Organization is responsible for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. The site explains the human element, legal affairs, maritime security and safety and more.

    Security Selection:IMO and shipping industry bodies urge continued application of anti-piracy measures

  7. EagleSpeak


    EagleSpeak is a personal blog that focuses on maritime security. Visitors will enjoy reading the opinions of the retired Navy Reserve Captain.

    Security Selection:MH-60S underpowered for MCM towing operations, report finds

  8. Graspan Frankton

    Graspan Frankton

    Another maritime security blog, Graspan Frankton, talks of the importance of surveillance, close protection and technical security. Readers will find detail information about maritime security and what it means to the users.

    Security Selection:What Happened to Training Aftercare

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Human Trafficking Prevention

Slavery is illegal almost everywhere in the world, but that doesn’t stop underground crime syndicates from forcing people into unpaid labor by kidnapping them and removing them from their own countries without food or supplies. Weak transport and border security systems make this awful practice a possibility, but there are plenty of organizations working to put an end to human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad.

  1. Directory of Training and Technical Assistance Resources for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces and Service Providers

    Directory of Training and Technical Assistance Resources for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces and Service Providers

    The Directory of Training and Technical Assistance Resources for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces and Service Providers provides a listing of training and resources, a list of anti-human trafficking distance learning, in-person training and training by request, and the location, contact information, cost and description for each training.

    Security Selection:Customized Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)


    Human Trafficking org hopes to combat human trafficking. They use their resources to bring government and non-government organizations in the East Asia and Pacific together to combat human trafficking. The website has country-specific information, laws, contact information and action plans listed.

    Security Selection:Prevention

  3. Freedom Network USA

    Freedom Network USA

    The Freedom Network USA uses a rights-based approach to combat human trafficking. They ensure that trafficked persons are treated as victims and not criminals, work to increase public awareness of trafficking through education, research, and training, engage in local, national and international advocacy, and develop local and national networks to carry out these activities.

    Security Selection:Human Trafficking Basics

  4. Free The Slaves

    Free The Slaves

    Free The Slaves is dedicated to ending worldwide slavery. They have put together one of the world’s largest video libraries, published books on the state of slavery in the world today, and spread the word about slavery through the blog and electronic updates.

    Security Selection:About Slavery

  5. Children of the Night

    Children of the Night

    Children of the Night is an anti-human trafficking and prostitution prevention organization that concentrates on liberating children that are forced into prostitution at a young age.

    Security Selection: America’s Sex Trafficking Victims and Transcendental Meditation

  6. Call + Response

    Call + Response

    Call + Response is a documentary film that reveals that there are more slaves today than ever before in human history. Anyone fascinated with the human trafficking situation in today’s world will find the site worthwhile to visit with details on slavery and apps, posters and banners to download.


  7. Verité


    Verité talks about slavery, child labor, dangerous working conditions, unpaid work and systematic discrimination against women. Visitors can make a difference and come together with Verité with research, training, consulting and assessment of the situations.

    Security Selection:Research on Indicators of Forced Labor in the Production of Goods: A Multi-Country Study

  8. Not For Sale

    Not for Sale

    Not For Sale engages businesses, the government and others to help end slavery and help vulnerable communities. Readers can help join their forces from their site and learn more about their grassroot efforts.

    Security Selection:Fighting Trafficking at its Roots in Thailand

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