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National Security is a massive business globally, with enormous corporations constructing more powerful war machines and governments spending billions to achieve or maintain military dominance. But the security of any nation depends on so much more than just the number of bombs they can drop or their ability to influence political conflicts on the other side of the world. Advanced software that can keep classified information locked down against malicious hackers is a crucial part of the national security infrastructure now. The Transportation Security Administration employs thousands to keep commercial flight passengers safe, and the populace is ever more vocal about their discontentment with “security” efforts that fail too often and appear to infringe upon individual rights. National security is a gray area, and there are scholars, computer experts, lawyers, politicians, and security offers working to clarify what is necessary, what is legal, and what is inevitable in the struggle to keep citizens safe.

The sites below are the best resources available on the Internet for learning about national security issues like cybercrime, military spending, small-arms possession, and a host of other topics that affect individuals and nations.

General National Security

  1. In Homeland Security

    This is a website about the critical and timely news surrounding Terrorism and Homeland security. Sponsored by American Military University, it provides a professional analysis from field experts.

  2. Intelnews

    Intelnews is an intelligence and espionage website that has existed as long as the internet. With expertise and knowledge that spans back decades, they look at the latest developments in intelligence, spanning from political news, foreign policy, and cybersecurity.

  3. National Defense Magazine

    A wonderful, information-packed website dedicated to taking a broad view of national security. Covering a wide swath of security threats and development, this site is a great place for people looking to learn more about security issues in the modern world.

  4. Homeland Security Watch

    This site has topical posts about a large variety of national security issues. With well written and readable posts stuffed full of information and in-depth analysis, this is a great place to learn more about a whole variety of issues.

  5. The Homeland Security Blog

    Intended as a place for first responders and security professionals to explore ideas about national security – broadly defined – this blog is a great resource for anyone taking a wide view of security issues. It is interesting and informative no matter your background.

  6. Defense Tech

    Technology is at the forefront of many defense efforts, giving the military its crucial edge; also, defense technology is just plain cool. This blog is dedicated to exploring, explaining, and showing the uses of technology in defense.

  7. Homeland Security Roundtable

    This homeland security blog focuses on how national security is built through a mesh of local and state security efforts. With a clean, easily navigable format, this is a great read for people interested in learning about smaller security efforts from around the nation.

  8. G S McNeal Blog

    This blog, written by a law professor and noted security expert, examines some of the legal, ethical. and efficacy considerations surrounding national security. Well written with many updates about public security forums, this is a very professional, well-considered site.


    This blog is written and maintained by a Cincinnatian and former air-force Colonel and covers issues of homeland security, foreign affairs, and national defense. With an informal, personal tone, this blog is a fascinating read from someone with first hand experience.

  10. National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

    This site is an aggregator of national and homeland security issues, with a focus on security businesses. With extensive links to news features and an easily readable national terrorism advisory alert system, this is a great place to learn of the latest news and information.

  11. Homeland Security News Wire

    Well documented, well written, professional, and comprehensive, the Homeland Security News Wire is a high quality source for security news and information. This site is a great resource for nearly anyone.

  12. Homeland Security Today

    Homeland Security Today works to bring you both the latest homeland security and national defense news, but also to present insightful analysis alongside it. With plenty of great resources, as well as a well-organized website, this is a great place to visit for national security information.

  13. The TSA Blog

    This blog from the TSA is a surprisingly fascinating read. With information about all of the routinely thwarted threats (far more than you might believe) as well as information about travel and unique occurrences in the TSA, this is a truly great read.

  14. Civilian Military Intelligence Group

    This blog takes the long view of national security, the military, and defense. With information about modern conflicts, as well as ones stretching back to Rome, as well as features about unique pieces of military technology, this is a fascinating and frequently amusing read.

  15. Christos military and intelligence corner

    This blog has the depth of information and loving care of an enthusiast’s pet project. Documenting and explaining military and intelligence history, especially in WWII, the blogger makes the obscure interesting and the famous new once more.

  16. Espionage Research Institute International

    This site is a professional organization website dedicated to informing and serving the needs of people working in intelligence and espionage. With interesting posts and resources for professionals and civilians alike, this is a fascinating place to investigate the intentionally unknown.

  17. Dirk’s Weblog

    This blog is a focused look at how cryptology, intelligence, and security intertwine, both historically and in the current day. It is an interesting read for anyone who wants to learn more about this unique area of national security.

  18. DEBKAfile

    This security and terrorism news site declares, “We start where the media stop.” With a huge amount of news, but also a close eye to underlying causes of explanations, this is a great resource for those who want to dig a bit deeper.

  19. Gunpowder and Lead

    This wide ranging website discusses a wide array of security issues, from international relations, foreign policy, military strategy, and more. Exquisitely written, thoughtful, detailed, interesting, and personal, this blog is a must read for people interested in security, regardless of political orientation or ideology.

  20. Truman Doctrine Blog

    Examining where politics and national security policy collide, this blog is a great read for national security enthusiasts and political junkies alike. Well written, and persuasive, and with fully acknowledged perspectives on issues, this blog is an interesting read whether you agree with it or not.

  21. Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Blog

    This blog gets you all the information you could need regarding urban crisis management. From disasters and emergencies to homeland security threats and beyond, this is your go to portal to learn more about how our nation secures its cities.

  22. Lawfare

    Lawfare is an invaluable blog that deals with the gray areas between security practices and legal restrictions. Examining how, when, and why law and security intertwine and conflict, this blog examines the ethical and practical implications on both sides.

  23. Center for Security Policy

    This site advocates for strategy of “peace through strength” in the post-soviet era. Applying the lessons of the cold war to modern terrorism and extremism, they highlight news stories and opinion pieces which reflect the need for firm security and resolve.

  24. Zero Intelligence Agents

    Written by a political science Ph.D candidate with a firm belief in the power of math and data, this blog attempts to provide context and interpretation to political and national security events in unique ways. With more graphs and numbers than one usually sees associated with security, this is an interesting, if wonky read.

  25. Blogs of War

    Blogs of War covers news and information about conflicts, political and military, regarding national and cybersecurity. With a particular interest in the advances in technology, this blog is a strong voice for military power and strong intelligence.

  26. World Threats

    World Threats is a site run by conservative national security expert Ryan Mauro. The blog details the threats to national security posed especially by Islamic extremists.

  27. Foreign Policy National Security

    Written by a longtime national security and war correspondent for the Washington Post, this blog reflects years of experience with national security. With a balanced hand and occasional biting wit, this blog analyses and interprets the latest national security news.

  28. Infection Control Today

    With a particular eye toward the positive national security benefits of health and control of infectious disease, this blog provides the latest news on epidemic and infectious disease control. While the focus of this blog is certainly different than many, this one’s topic is nevertheless vital to our security.

  29. Global Guerrillas

    This site is centered around predicting the future of warfare. With informed analysis, important insight, and clear vision, the blogger puts together the pieces of what conflicts between small, guerilla or terrorist groups and established states will look like.

  30. TomDispatch

    This national security blog attempts to disrupt the hegemony of our military and political institutional frameworks. By presenting usually unheard voices to raise unusual questions (usually from the political left) this blog will make you think about security in a new way, whether or not you agree.

  31. No Quarter

    Approaching our national security and political landscape from the right, this blog provides an alternative view and analysis of the news to what you will find from mainstream media. Giving “no quarter” on security issues, this blog presents a clearly opinionated alternative vision.

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Cybersecurity and information security are in the headlines more and more often these days as sophisticated tools and unprecedented amounts of computing power become more available and accessible to online pranksters and truly malicious hackers.

  1. Xylibox

    Steven K., the prolific blogger at Xylibox, tracks and demystifies cyber crime for his readers with posts about all types of cybersecurity, program vulnerabilities, and general updates on the world of cyber crime. The writing on Xylibox is often extremely technical and will be useful for people with intimate knowledge of computer programming.

  2. Cybercrime Review

    Cybercrime Review looks at the sources, causes, and implications of cybercrime with an eye toward personal privacy and security. If you are looking to learn more about these issues, or are concerned about who has access to your data, this is a good place to start.

  3. ShackF00

    This blog is written by a cyber-security technician, but addresses the origins of cybercrime and the psychology and intelligence required to combat it. It is a personal blog that has important implications for anyone worried about or interested in cybersecurity.

  4. FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab

    This blog looks beyond the typical Malware threats to predict and address advanced malware that can cripple and destroy, more than annoy. With up to date, informative posts, this is a great resource for those looking to combat serious cybersecurity threats.

  5. Contagio Malware Dump

    This blog is dedicated to analyzing and solving the security threats posed by common and uncommon malware. If you are suffering from malware problems, or looking to prevent malware infections, this is your resource.

  6. XeroCrypt Blog

    Written by a computer science student, this blog attempts to explain, dissect, and analyze the latest cybersecurity news that come to the blogger’s attention. Because the writer is relatively new to the field, and views it with fresh eyes, it has very accessible and new ideas.

  7. Krypt3ia

    Krypt3ia is one of the longest standing and most respected blogs on infosecurity. Krypt3ia author, Scot Terban writes about the global repercussions of info

  8. Cyber Crime Lawyer Blog

    For those interested in where cybersecurity and law meet, this website is an invaluable read. Keeping you abreast of the latest legal events and precedents, this blog presents a wide range of information for people with questions about cyber law.

  9. ComSec Blog

    This blog reports on the newest and latest bits of technology and news related to cybersecurity and counter surveillance. Highlighting some of the most interesting developments, this is an interesting read regardless of your specific area of interest.

  10. The Cyber Sleuth

    In the rapidly evolving area of cybercrime, you want a mystery solver and information gatherer on your side. This blog brings you the latest cybercrime and cybersecurity news, along with insightful analysis.

  11. Airdemon

    Airdemon is an online source for information about cybersecurity and how to avoid the latest attack styles and vulnerabilities being used by malicious entities online.

  12. ArborSERT

    Rich in detail and information, the ArborSERT site provides a unique insight into the ongoing cyber threats facing the world. With a constantly updated, 24 hour treat report, as well as blog posts and more information, this is a fantastic find for people involved in cybersecurity.

  13. Lohrmann on Cybersecurity

    With a unique focus on providing cyber securing solutions to state and local governments, this is an incredibly useful, if specific, resource. While it does focus on areas that may not apply to everyone, it nevertheless presents fascinating information about large-trend cybersecurity issues that involve whole societies and countries.

  14. DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report

    If you are looking for meticulously detailed reports about cybersecurity from the Department of Homeland Security, this is your golden ticket. With more information than you would find anywhere else, this blog will tell you everything you need to know and more.

  15. Krebs on Security

    Run by a reporter turned cybersecurity expert, this blog is an immensely readable and informative take on the latest in cyber crime, terrorism, and security. Well written, diverse, and knowledgeable, it is a must read for everyone involved in cybersecurity.

  16. Terry Zink’s Cybersecurity Blog

    This blog, written by a security expert working for Microsoft, gives details about the latest security issues to come accros his desk. The posts are understandably written, and carefully presented to not give hackers additional ideas or strategies.

  17. Cyveillance Blog

    With its connection to a professional cybersecurity company, this blog is well informed and helpful. It focuses its posts on cyber threats and cyber/legal trouble spots in the corporate world.

  18. Naked Security

    From the well-known cybersecurity firm Sophos, this blog is a very accessible, consumer friendly take on cybersecurity. A good starting place for people interested in keeping themselves safe from cyber-attacks or learning some of the basics.

  19. The Smart Grid Security Blog

    This tightly focused blog is your go to for information about the emerging smart grid and its security issues. Well written, professional, and topically focused, this is a good resource for people working on the grid or interest in learning more about it.

  20. Security Management

    This online portion of the magazine Security Management gives previews of upcoming issues, as well as keeping you up to date on the latest headlines. In addition, it contains resources such as webinars and podcasts which will be a great help to those looking to gain more expertise.

  21. Front Line Sentinel

    This personally run cybersecurity blog runs the gamut in considering the implications and importance of cybersecurity. Well written in a very accessible style, but with considerable underlying knowledge, this blog is a great, broadly focused resource.

  22. Infosec Island

    Designed as a hybrid of online community, social network, and portal to Infosec information, this site is a flexible resource for security professionals. A place for discussion and professional aid, it can connect you with people who have experience with your security needs.

  23. Security Affairs

    This cybersecurity blog, written by an Italian blogger, is chock-full of information, infographics, and unique ideas. Though the grasp of English is rough at times, the information and analysis easily makes it worth a second look.

  24. Sectools

    A compiled, up-to-date list of security software favored by people in the cyber-security community. If you are looking for the perfect tool to fix your security concern, with a comprehensive list of features and reviews, this is an absolutely invaluable first stop.

  25. Packet Storm

    Packet Storm is a site dedicated to increasing personal, corporate, and worldwide vigilance on issues of cybersecurity. With in-depth information, advisories, tools, and more, this is a great resource for people looking to increase their awareness and knowledge about cybersecurity.

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National & Civil Defense

The sites listed below deal with the defense of nations through military, political, and legal strategies. Everything from small arms possession on an individual basis to chemical weaponry and intervention in foreign conflict is discussed under the banner of National & Civil Defense.

  1. KT McFarland

    This blog presents news, analysis, and interview footage from Fox news national security commentator KT McFarland. With a mix of political, foreign policy, and defense analysis, she keeps you abreast of the latest developments in these diverse but interrelated areas.

  2. Rethinking National Security

    The blog arm of the Center for International Policy, this site approaches national security with the intent of reasserting national values over hard-headed and hard-hearted national defense strategies. It advocates for a less expensive, more flexible, and more socially aware foreign policy.

  3. Threats Watch

    Established to produce and disseminate information regarding national security threats, this website contains daily briefings, analysis, commentary, as well as other features.

  4. Missile Defense Agency

    This official pentagon website is about the our nation’s missile defense capabilities. Keeping you abreast of news and information regarding anti-ballistic technology and strategies, this blog is well produced and easy to navigate.

  5. SmartWar

    SmartWar is a blog about strategy, intelligence and conflict simulation. It seeks to understand current technology, tactics, and strategy in ways that will enable the armed forces to “fight smarter, not harder.”

  6. Security Law Brief

    Security Law Brief is news and analysis about the junction of security and law. A part of the Georgetown Law School, this blog provides excellent information and interpretation by expert contributors.

  7. Foundation for Defense of Democracies

    Founded to find new and effective national defense policy in the wake of September 11, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies attempts to envision a secure world where democracies are free of the influence of terror.

  8. Center for a New American Security

    Drawing on the expertise of former and current military personnel, as well as experienced security analysts, this site is dedicated to advocating for “strong, pragmatic, and principled national security and defense policies.” Informed, persuasive, and professional, this is a great resource for those interested in national defense.

  9. Defense Systems

    With news, analysis, and content channels about varying types of defense technology, this is a great place to learn about new frontiers in security. With a magazine and links to scholarly article, this is a professional, and well-kept resource

  10. Defense Media Activity

    This website is the mass communication, online arm of the U.S. Military. With information, news, and links to other defense publications and products such as Soldiers Magazine and Stars and Stripes, this is a great resource for people involved or interested in the armed forces.

  11. Defense Update

    This Isreal-based defense publication brings you news and analysis about current trends in warfare, as well as investigations into what’s next. Professional, well designed, and utterly fascinating, this should be at the top of any military enthusiast’s or professional’s list.

  12. Defense Industry Daily

    Focused on the industry side of defense and security, this site is perfect for people involved in purchasing and procuring military equipment. With detailed information and analysis of trends, this is an interesting and useful read.

  13. This Week in Defense News

    An online and television show featuring analysis and reporting from military reporter Vago Muradian. The website also has a running list of headlines regarding military and security news from around the world.

  14. Defense Aerospace

    This site is focused on the air-power segments of the military and of military industry and technology. Focused and detailed information and analysis about one specific portion of military might makes this a unique and worthwhile read.

  15. Defense Logistics Agency

    This official U.S. Military webpage is the best, most up to date source of information regarding combat and defense logistics. If you are involved in the military, or simply looking to learn more about military logistics, look no further.

  16. DoD Live

    DoD Live is the central hub of the Department of Defense’s social media efforts. With news and features that provide context and put human faces on U.S. troops, this is a refreshingly personal take on our national security.

  17. Defense Technical Information Center

    While not as friendly to the public as some DoD resources, this website provides invaluable technical information for people directly involved in the military. With links to training, technical reports, the Defense Innovation Marketplace, and much more, this is not one to miss.

  18. The National Interest

    Bringing an refreshingly balanced perspective to issues of security and foreign policy, this site believes that “Groupthink is not an appropriate way for the world’s remaining superpower to forge policy.” Learn more, and find unique and powerful analysis here.

  19. National Defense Foundation

    This foundation uses the power and experience of former military personnel in need of work to create informed analysis and information about national defense. Learn about national and civil security from those who have sacrificed most to maintain it.

  20. National Defense Center for Energy and Environment

    Addressing the rarely discussed issues of military resource consumption and environmental impact, this website is a source of unique information and perspective. Working to reduce overhead, waste, and environmental damage, this is a much needed counterpoint to many resource blind considerations of defense.

  21. The National Defense Committee

    The National Defense Committee is a veterans group dedicated to ensuring the rights and honors of our nation’s heroes. Addressing veterans issues ranging from voting rights, to education opportunities, to economic success, and more, this organization is fighting the good fight here at home.

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Counter terrorism writers are concerned not only with preventing acts of terrorism in the future, but with changing the systems that lead to terroristic conflict and violent extremism in the first place.

  1. Counter Terror Forum

    Written by a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, this blog looks at the nexus of organized crime and terror groups, both domestic and foreign. With a cool, reasoned, and wonky eye, this blog looks to find strategies forward in a modern world.

  2. Richard Jackson on Terrorism

    Richard Jackson is the Deputy Director for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago in New Zealand. He blogs about terrorism, war, political violence, intervention, torture, security, and conflict resolution.

  3. The Counter Terrorist Magazine

    This is the homepage of Counter Terrorist Magazine. Dedicated to providing information to the nation’s law enforcement and intelegence sectors, this magazine is a good place to start for those who like physical media.

  4. Counterterrorism Institute Of America

    Located in Utah, the Counterterrorism Institute of America focuses on training in firearms and combat. For those looking to learn to handle a weapon more effectively, this is an invaluable resource.

  5. The Investigative Project on Terrorism

    This organization, recognized by ranking members in congress, is a go to source for information about radical Islamic terrorism. With rich articles, reports and blog posts, this is a helpful source of information and analysis.

  6. Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL)

    With a cleanly designed webpage, and a unique focus, CELL warrants a look from anyone interested in counter-terrorism. Focused on empowering regular citizens, it is a treasure-trove for those interested in securing their community and country.

  7. International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

    A clear leader in academic consideration of international counter-terrorism, the ICT boasts being a worldwide facilitator of counter-terrorism efforts. This website boasts well documented, extensive research.

  8. The International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals

    With interest in the professional side of counter-terrorism, this site will keep you abreast of the news you need to know for your work in the field. With links to magazine articles, and interesting blog posts, this is a fantastic resource.

  9. Threat Matrix

    This blog, attached to The Long War Journal features posts by varied contributors pointing out interesting articles and providing quick analysis. With a nice balance of speed and depth, this is a read for anyone interested in developments in the War on Terror.

  10. “New America Foundation Counterterrorism
    Strategy Initiative”

    The New America Foundation’s in-depth consideration of counterterrorism is well considered, well designed, well researched, and well written. Anyone interested in the large-view of counterterrorism should not miss this site.

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The sites below all deal with assorted issues of national security, and will be useful to anyone with a broad interest in the field, or who is looking for a place to start learning more about homeland security in general.

  1. EHS Today

    Concerned with the security of the everyday, EHS Today looks at workplace and environmental safety to make our nation more secure and safe. This is a great resource for workers looking to make their job safer, or for conscientious, enlightened management.

  2. InterAct Blog

    This blog reports about the developments in incident response, emergency management and public safety software. This is where you can find information on the crossroads of cybersecurity and emergency response.

  3. BioPrepWatch

    This site is dedicated to providing you with the latest information about biological security and threats. This site is very professional, well written, and focused.

  4. Global Biodefense

    This blog publishes the latest insight and news about biological public health threats. Covering issues ranging from food safety to medical technologies to nanotechnology, this site covers the latest information, and reports on what may come next.


    Dedicated to the unique task of documenting the civil defense infrastructure and systems that once existed in the state of Michigan. With extensive photographs of and information about historical artifacts and plans, this is a great resource for history buffs, or people looking to see how our security has changed with time.

  6. ReadyRN

    This site caters to nurses looking for training and resources to help them be prepared as first or second responders in crisis situations. With links to products, training sessions, and consultations, this is a great place for nurses looking to be more prepared.

  7. Aviation Week

    This site covers aviation technology and it’s applications in the military and national defense. The blog posts discuss not only aviation for human transport, but also the rockets used in missiles and airborne surveillance efforts.

  8. Prepper Ideas

    This website is designed to get you up to speed should the unthinkable occur. With lists of emergency items, survival tips, and much more, you will be ready for any disaster or emergency.

  9. The Guardian Survival Blog

    This website is full of survival gear and tips from the people who know best. With explanations of products, their utilities, and with in-depth discussions of why you should be prepared for varying scenarios, check out this site to find out what you need, or if you are already ready for the worst.

  10. FEMA Blog

    This official government blog will keep you informed about FEMA’s preparation for the latest emergency situations. With detailed posts to keep you up to date, or to help you take appropriate action, this is a great place to learn what’s going on in emergency situations..

  11. Daily Survival

    This blog is a personally curated aggregation of great survival articles and tips from all across the internet. With a broad focus that ranges from job loss to disaster preparation, it’s hard not to find something that could help you be more ready for what may come.

  12. Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

    This blog, written by an Italian professor who spends time in both Italy and England, this blog is an immaculately detailed, and impressively scholarly take on emergency management. It is virtually guaranteed that anyone who visits will learn something new.

  13. Ready.Gov

    This site, an offshoot of the FEMA website, is designed to give you the tips, tools, and advice necessary to make you more prepared for emergencies. With a clean, intuitive user interface, this website is a great resource for individuals and organizations alike.

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