6 Most Socially Plugged in Federal Departments

by Administrator on Nov 20, 2010

Since Obama took office there has been a effort by the US government to be try to reach young people and internet users through social media. The administration is trying to make a statement the federal government is not out of touch, and can relate to a younger generation. Since then several US agencies have started to make use of the social media revolution to get their point across to the general public. Social media is the new government megaphone, so we’ve compiled the hippest, if you can call it that, web 2.0 agencies.

  1. United States Coast Guard

    The US Coast Guard has been surprisingly quick to pick up on the advantages of using social media. Then again, as an agency responsible for maintaining the border security of the USA on water and for preventing smuggling and marine disasters, it is a natural candidate for taking on the challenge of integrating social media into its operations. These guys have all the standard social media accounts, not to mention a Flickr Stream
  2. The National Weather Service

    This should come as no surprise, since the work of the Weather Service involves making sure that its forecasts and warnings are up-to-date. The Service also relies heavily on the use of Twitter to gather data on approaching storms, or disruptive weather phenomena, and transmits this information to its Twitter subscribers and its website precisely and regularly.
  3. The US Geological Survey

    The US Geological Survey, much like the Weather Service, relies on real-time data collected on phenomena that are essentially unpredictable. The Survey goes a step further than the rest, however, as it has created an online tool that collects tweets about earthquake phenomena and collates this information via an online mapping system.
  4. The White House

    While not technically an Agency per se, the White House under President Obama has become a leader in using social media to try and stay in touch with the public. The Obama administration’s lead in this regard has inspired several other US agencies, and even the Queen of England has her own Facebook page now, in part thanks to the lead set by the USA and blogs that listen to, and take note of, the comments left on its policies. Most people are familiar with Obama’s youtube addresses through out his administration.
  5. The Department of Homeland Security

    The latest, brainiest US agency has used social media for some time now as well as canny advertising and social outreach programs including scholarships to further its aims. The DHS has a Twitter feed, a blog, a Facebook page, as well as several other methods of reaching the public. Emphasis is less on Big Brother-esque spying, than disseminating public safety information in a timely, efficient manner.
  6. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency

    The NOAA, concerned with global issues of atmospheric and oceanic pollution, was especially closely involved in the efforts to ensure that the Gulf oil spill was cleaned up without adverse long-term effects. To this end, they invested in a social media-based approach that included acting on information received by Twitter from people in the area, as well as Youtube and Facebook-based information dissemination policies.
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