20 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Homeland Security and National Defense

by Administrator on Nov 30, 2010

The Department of Homeland Security has opened up lots of job opportunities for people who are interested in law enforcement and security. If you want to learn more about how Homeland Security works and about national defense issues, here are 20 YouTube videos you might enjoy.

  1. Homeland Security and the Constitution: Learn how the policies of Homeland Security fit into the ideals of the constitution in this video featuring Janet Napolitano.
  2. Congress Passes the Homeland Security Bill: Watch the vote on the Homeland Security Bill in Congress.
  3. Homeland Security Department Chief: Watch Michael Chertoff, Director of Homeland Security, get questioned about National Defense on the news.
  4. Congress on “Pat Downs”: This video shows Rep. John Duncan discussing proposed TSA pat downs.
  5. Hillary Clinton: Watch Secretary of State Hillary Clinton say she would avoid TSA pat downs.
  6. National Defense University: Watch this video describing the institution for joint professional military and national security education.
  7. Buck McKeon: Watch Representative Buck McKeon discuss national defense.
  8. Spending on National Defense: Watch the Heritage Foundation ask people on the street for their opinion on national defense spending.
  9. National Security Law: This video discusses the future of national security law.
  10. Secrecy and National Security: This video features journalism professor Ted Gup discuss national security and secrecy.
  11. After Guantanamo: Watch this discussion on how the closing of Guantanamo Bay affects war criminals for the future.
  12. Torture and the War on Terror: This video discusses torture and how international law affects how we handle war criminals.
  13. Lessons from the Saddam Trial: This video talks about the challenges of trying a tyrant.
  14. Inside Story: This video discusses home grown versus foreign terrorism.
  15. Islam and Terrorism: This video discusses the jihad and terrorism.
  16. Origins of Islamic Terrorism: Learn the history of Islamic jihad and how it turns to terrorism.
  17. Radical Islam Documentary: This is a very graphic documentary about radical Islam.
  18. Radical Islam in America: This documentary discusses radical Islam in the United States.
  19. US Border Patrol Checkpoints: Watch these video blogs taken about stops on the US border.
  20. PSA: This is a public service announcement produced by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Many of the issues surrounding the Department of Homeland Security and national defense in general are volatile issues. Therefore, when you find videos, they may come from all different points of view. Right now, for example, new guidelines on security checkpoints at airports are a very hot topic in the national security arena. Balancing privacy protection with maintaining proper security is a difficult feat to master.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Department of Homeland Security, or any other federal security and defense department, you’ll want to understand how the department works, and also understand political issues as they apply to national defense.

National defense has always been a very political issue, but never more so than today. One of the issues you’ll need to be prepared to address is how the political climate affects how national security is carried out. In recent years, so many new issues have come up, further fueling the political debate. These YouTube videos along with other resources can help you understand more about national defense and the country’s security in these times of terrorism. They can help you make the decision as to whether working in national defense is the right job for you, and, if so, what area of national defense best suits you.

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