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The Master of Homeland Security Degree is a specialized degree for people looking for work in the public sector specifically in the role protecting American citizens. Although this sounds like a narrow field, there are thousands of jobs available in a variety of areas.

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for coordinating the US intelligence community to keep our country safe from terrorist threats. This includes border control and enforcement, travel and transportation, immigration, and anti-terrorist activities.

You can acquire any number of jobs directly related to these tasks or any support role that the DHS or any other agency under the DHS’s control provides. Support jobs you might be able to find might be in any number of executive roles in human resources, immigration enforcement, or computer intelligence. Many Master of Homeland Security programs include job-specific training in the following areas: transportation security, risk assessment and planning, emergency and disaster management, law and policy studies, and terrorism and counter terrorism studies.

Types of Careers in Homeland Security

From entry level to highly specialized, the DHS hires a variety of talented and driven people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. You can find jobs in many different areas. Check out the eight component agencies that comprise the department for information about job opportunities:

Although the wealth of homeland security jobs will be in the public sector, there are also some private sector jobs available as well, such as security consultant, logistics and planning, loss prevention, and fraud investigation.

Many people with a Master of Homeland Security degree want to work for the United States government to help stop terrorism activity, but homeland security degrees can be applied to many fields of specialty. It’s a new and exciting field and the government often provides a stable work environment with a high average pay and great benefits.

Most Popular Masters of Homeland Security Degrees

Kaplan University — An MS in homeland security & emergency management from Kaplan focuses on the areas of legal, social, business, economic, and political aspects of the industry. Students are to evaluate social and ethical implications of decisions made to protect people and property, apply leadership principals that shape change and improve management policy and practices, and analyze research on current knowledge and developing trends.
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Walden University — Walden University offers various educational programs in the field of homeland security and contra-terrorism. The 2-year degree program, MPA in homeland security policy, will help hone managerial to lead public agencies or direct public policy organizations. An MSCJ in Homeland Security Policy provides education in psychological theories and basic scientific methods to help its graduates to have an opportunity to work for a community agency to educational or social services systems.
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Northcentral University — This MBA degree program is structured to provide a conceptual overview of modern theory and practice in each of the key areas of managerial responsibility. Students are prepared to become senior management of law enforcement, public safety, and emergency medical care and disaster preparedness agencies pertaining to homeland security. Courses include how to handle critical issues relating to crisis management and terrorism, and budgeting.
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